Benefits of Giving Your American Bulldog Homemade Food

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Published: 19th August 2011
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Do you want to give your pet a home made dog food but you do not know how to prepare and what to prepare? Have you been eyeing a certain dog recipe but aren’t sure if that would be healthy for your American Bulldog? If so, you have to read this piece for this is going to tell you what to prepare for your pet.

What are the nutritional needs of an American Bulldog?

It is also very necessary that as a dog owner, you should be able to know the different nutritional needs of your dogs. You need to remember that the American bulldog is a medium-sized and a very athletic dog. Thus, the nutrition demands more protein and water. It is also recommended that vitamins are given. The vitamins should contain vitamin A which is very needed in the growth of the bones. There also should be Vitamin B complex which helps in the proper functioning of the dog’s nervous system. Thiamine is also a must to protect and give proper health to the dog’s heart, skin and the nerves. Riboflavin is also a must to help the dog in proper metabolism. Niacin is also needed to promote development of the body. The Vitamins B5 B6 and B12 are also necessary. These vitamins are very important for the normal formation of the blood cells. Given these nutritional needs, there is really a great need for the owner to check the dog food given to the American Bulldog.

The advantages of preparing home made dog food

There are plenty of benefits for preparing home made dog food for your American Bulldog. Here are these

Benefits for you:

• Cheaper compared to the ready-made food – Home made dog food are cheaper compared to the expensive ready made dog food you can buy in the stores. Thus, you can save in the course of time.

• You will know the ingredients – Since you will be the one to prepare the dog food, then you can check the nutritional benefits the dog can get out from the food you prepared.

• You will have some peace of mind- that your dog is eating healthy. You will be at ease since you know that your dog is not taking in preservatives in the canned foods.

Benefits for your dog:

• Nutrition can be checked – The American bulldog has a lot of other nutritional requirement compared to any other dogs. Therefore, if one would choose to prepare home made dog food, surely the dog’s nutritional needs are catered.

• Home made dog food are fresh – Since you will be the one to prepare the food for your dog, there is a guarantee that your American Bulldog will be eating freshly made food which are very beneficial for their growth and bodily development.

• Feeding time is always the best time – Once the dog can recognize variety of food, it will be able to adjust itself in the different foods that you are going to offer him.

What are the best home made dog recipes for the American Bulldog

Barf (Bones and raw foods) – This home made food is one of the dog’s favorite. Bones are good source of calcium and protein thus this can be good for the dog. Plus, this can be taken from the leftover dinner meat you prepared for the family.

Poultry products (egg, meat) and dog cookies – This will be the best way for the dog to gain more protein needs. The cookies will also be the best treat for the dog.

Brown rice and fish– This is good since this is an energy-giving recipe.

There is really a great benefit of preparing home made recipe for your dog. Cook one for your dog and you are sure to have a healthy American Bulldog.

Lea Mullins, a long time dog owner, provides information on why you should give homemade food to your American Bulldog at home. Visit to learn about homemade dog food.

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