Differences Between American Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

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Published: 22nd August 2011
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You may have your own bulldog, or you probably plan to have one, but do you know that there are a bunch of dog breeds that exist under the famed bulldog? First, let’s get to know what a bulldog is. Originating from British Isles, bulldogs are descendents of the Asiatic Mastiffs. Its name roots from their initial work as bait for bulls. Bulldogs were revered in bull baiting arenas as they were brave and strong, especially when taking on some full grown bulls. When bull baiting got banned in the 19th century, bulldogs were considered as pets. By time, they became tamer and domesticate, but still manage to be brave and ferocious.

As discussed, there are many types of bulldogs, but arguably, the most popular types are American bulldogs, English bulldogs and French bulldogs. The most common of these three have to be the English bulldogs as these are popularly known as the classic bulldog. Bred in England, it is characterized with a large head and a wrinkled, sagging face. Their short legs and wide stances make them fun to simply look at and observe. Compared to other, smaller, dog breeds, their 15-inch height might fool you, as they can weigh up to 25 kilos or more. They would also love to act as lap dogs, but are still feisty as they come.

On the other hand the American bulldog is recognized as the largest in the bulldog pack. This makes them more athletic, and could even be "on-par" with several other dog breeds out there. American bulldogs are nimbler and move much faster than their English counterparts. American bulldogs also stand at 25 inches tall and could weigh like a human with a whopping average of 56 to 57 kilos. This and their agility make them tend to be quite active than normal, but compared to other dog breeds, they’re much more domesticated.

In comparison with the English and American bulldog, the French bulldog or most commonly known as Frenchie, is a lot smaller and playful, and is the ideal lap dog among the three. Like the Chihuahua & Cardigan Welsh Corgi dog breeds, the French bulldog boasts a couple of bat ears, which is possibly their most prominent feature that could separate them from the English and American bulldog. Another is their size. The Frenchie is the smallest in the bunch – only 12 centimeters in height and weighing in around 10-13 kilograms.

As with all other dog breeds, the English, French and American bulldog all need consistent care and attention. The British and French breeds are considered more popularly as indoor or apartment dogs, while the American bulldog is more of the athletic type and favor traversing outside. If you want a lap dog, you could either go with the English bulldogs or Frenchies. If you want more of a working dog, such as a guard or whatnot, you should definitely pick and American Bulldog. Just remember that whatever dog breed you choose, you have to render the proper aid to these lovable pets.

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